Composer and Sound Designer


  1. Music for theatre 1 Bergen City Theatre : Romen og Julie
  2. Music for film The Motion Picture HAN, Norway 2020.
  3. Music for theatre 3 Bergen City Theatre : Arv og miljø
  4. Symphonic orchestra Recomposition of music by Edvard Grieg.
  5. Choral music Nationaltheatret : Styrtet engel
  6. Music for theatre 2 Det Norske Teatret : Kristin Lavransdotter

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  • Einkvan av Jon Fosse

    Et nytt stykke av nobelpristageren Jon Fosse. Ny musikk av Erik Hedin. Premiere 25 april år 2024 på Scene 2 på Det Norske Teatret i Oslo.

  • award winning sound designer and composer

    Erik Hedin is a composed and sound designer. He has made works for theatre, dance, exhibitions and film. He have successfully finished over 100 productions in the last 15 years primary in Norway and Sweden. Awarded with the great Hedda-prize for best audiovisual design in year 2023.

  • Working on exiting events

    The performance "Romeo og Julie" are performing i Bergen, Norway during year 2023. The audience can enjoy live video transfear of the actors outside and inside the theatre.


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