Sound design & music for the arts

Sound design tools

Every theatre has its own equipment.
But there are some tools that I bring in to every process.
Here you can read about my personal toolbox.
I picked up them all along the way.
Most of it is what is called "industry standard".
I use the tools that make the jobs safe, quick and are compatible with the world around me.

Feel free to mail me if you have any questions about it.

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MacBook Pro. 

2.6 GHz intel Core i7. 16 GB RAM. A powerful, portable computer from Apple.

  • Great design and build quality.
  • Expensive.
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Ableton Push 2. 

A control surface specially developed for Ableton Live.

  • You can mix with the knobs
  • play melodies with the velocity sensitive pads!
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Apollo Twin. 

If I can I use the DANTE protocol. For smaller events I use my Apollo Twin. A thunderbolt sound card with 4 outs. Sounds great and runs stable. http://www.uaudio.com

  • Great soundquality.
  • Great usability
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Genelec 8020. 

This is the sound monitor Genelec 8030. 
It is durable and it gives a clear sound.
The little brother Genelec 8020 it is portable and fits in a special bag. Normally I don´t bring it woth me, but set it up if there is no accessable sound studio arround.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Portable.
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I use Audio-Technica ATH-m50x Very good closed headphones. It is possible to flip up one side to be able to listen to what is going on at stage.

  • Great sound quality.
  • Durable,
  • Mixes made on headphones translates well to speakers.
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Lacie external disc

External USB-C hard disk on 5 TB from Lacie. It is full with the sound effects archive, sample banks and a back-up of your show.

  • Helps you from filling up your internal harddisc.
  • Portable.
Audio software
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Ableton Live 10. 

Live is mymain creative enviroment. There are alternatives out there, but to me Live is the quickest and most funny way to get from idea to a sounding result.

  • Simple interface.
  • Flexible.
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Izotope RX6 advanced. 

RX6 advanced from Izotope get you into spectral editing ave de-verbing. This makes my new laptop feels slow again. We will see a lot of those kind of tools in the future.

  • Advanced audio editing.
  • See sound with spectrogram.
  • Very expensive for the advanced version.
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Audiofinder makes life much easier. It makes me quickly look through my sample archive. It is so much easier then working with finder. Here is a link to a discount-code that worked for me http://www.icedaudio.com/sale.html

  • Search your sound files quickly
  • Simple editing on the fly.
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Max 7

Make the impossible possible! Create your own interactive software with Max7. A great choice for interaction design. There are also Max4Live for deep integration with the Ableton product.

  • Use for interaction design.
  • Build your own audio effects with max4live.
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Reaper is a cheap and flexible DAW. Ableton Live is extremely quick to make many tasks, but it is sometimes limited. In many of those cases Reaper is the answer.

  • Surround sound. Also ambisonics.
  • Flexible workflow.
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Altiverb is an impulseresponse reverb from Audio Ease in the Netherlands. I put it on the most things I make to get the right feeling.


  • Real world acoustics.
  • From subtile to huge.
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And so I have Komplete 10 ultimate from Native Instruments. FM8, Massive, Kontakt och Absynth that I use to create sound scapes. http://www.native-instruments.com

  • Many virtual instruments
  • Many virtual effects
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EzDrummer 2

EzDrummer 2 is very quick and flexible to use. It sounds great in my ears.

  • Very quick workflow
  • Very flexible programming
Other useful software
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Rapidweaver 7. 

Rapidweaver 7 have I been using to build this very website.


  • Nice website creator
  • Expandeble with add-on
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Omnigraffle is a multitool for grafical layout. I use it for a lot of different usages such as stageplot, soundmap and mindmaps.

  • Flexible layout program.
  • Make drawings of your sound design. In the conceptual stage or of the stage.
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Dropbox went from an mind blowing small program to something that I use almost everyday to transfer and collect files on the internet. https://www.dropbox.com

  • Share files with others.
  • Have a backup online all the time.
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The fundamentas of sonic art and sound design 

I like this book a lot. It introduces you some of the technology and some of the conceptual content of the field. I feel like you can´t learn to be a good sound designer without the technological knowledge and you can´t be a good sound designer wothout to know the concept of working with sound as a medium. I that respet this book finds the perfect balance, Tony Gibbs made a great work writing this book.

  • Both tecnical and conceptual
  • Introduction level
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Sound : A short introduction

This book is very open minded. From psycoacoustics to phenomens in nature. Gives you an introduction to sound on earth.

  • The many expressions of sound on earth.
  • Psychoacoustic aspects
  • Introduction level